To see and experience the other side of Velebit, where the rain washes the flowers, where the wind carresses the rocks, where the wolf feels like home and the horned viper laizy waits for its lunch. We take you to Pueblo Plata, along with the river Zrmanja, one of the locations seen in the film about Winnetou, the Indian Chief.

Zrmanja River

Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. They are easy and safe enough for beginner canoeists. But their scenery makes them also very exciting for all river adventurists. It is characteristic for its spring located at the bottom of a very steep, almost 200 m high funnel shape rock called Misije. It flows southward through the narrow and long arable valley. Which encircles the southern end of Velebit through a 200-meter-deep canyon. After it turns westwards, reaches Obrovac, and after a few kilometers flows into the Adriatic sea. Joining in the bay named Novigradsko more.